Established in 2012, Puntite was an attempt at exploring Puntland’s cultural heritage by gathering and sharing fascinating but obscure imagery and information to showcase aspects of Somali culture and history that were mostly unknown by the general public. Through sharing vintage images of history, people, places, and culture, our hope was to inspire our readers to engage with the material and spark meaningful conversations about culture and heritage preservation in Somalia.

What started as a labour of love five years ago has now become a collaborative effort to not only document, but to also preserve and restore the cultural heritage of Puntland. Our evolution since 2012 was born out of a desire to see cultural rehabilitation, revival and development in the country. This desire grew into a plan and then into action. Puntite has now become incorporated into the Puntland Progress Coalition(PPC) and is an integral part of the charity’s Arts & Culture programs.

We strongly believe in the potential of arts, culture and heritage to promote peace and stability in Somalia and aim to continue utilising digital spaces to transform the narrative by sharing the best aspects of our cultural heritage with a global audience.